If you have a question that's not answered here, you can email the Forest Service representative via the Join page.

What is the Trail Crew?
The Red River Gorge Trail Crew is a volunteer group dedicated to providing access to the beautiful Red River Gorge through a well maintained trail system. They attend organized outings to improve the Gorge through clearing and maintaining trails.

When does the group meet?
Outings are the second Saturday of every month unless otherwise noted. Project details are sent out as to the activities of the next outing via the mailing list. To join send a request via the Join page.

Where does the group meet?
The specific meeting place is sent via the mailing list before every outing. To join the mailing list and receive more information about the outing send a request via the Join page.

After the primary work outing, members are welcome to enjoy our volunteers-only campground for a potluck dinner and camp-over. The campground is well-maintained and well-equipped.

Who attends the outings?
People from all walks of life attend Trail Crew outings, young and old, rich or poor, all sharing a common interest in having fun, working hard, and maintaining the Gorge. The Red River Gorge Trail Crew is full of interesting people and personalities and they are very welcoming to new members.

Are outings age restricted?
Yes. The Forest Service requires all volunteers operating or working around sharp tools to be 18 years of age. The work performed by the crew is considered construction and OSHA regulations apply.

My organization would like to help improve the Gorge. Can we join the Trail Crew?
Unfortunately, no. The Red River Gorge Trail Crew is a stand-alone organization made of individual volunteers. However, if your group would like to lend a hand improving the Gorge, please contact the Gladie office at (606)663-8100.

What activities do the outings include?
Outings include repairing trails by building steps and bridges, and removing downed trees amongst other interesting activities.

How physically intensive are the outings?
Outings can range from light, to medium, to strenuous. To receive more information about the upcoming outing, subscribe to the mailing list via the Join page. Volunteers should wear sturdy boots, in addition to bringing gloves and water. Long pants are also recommended.